My goal is to advance humanity to be a space-faring species while cleaning up the earth and turning it into a park.


I like spending time with people who can fulfill these 6 Principles:

  • Customer First
  • Hacker
  • Long-Term Thinker
  • People, Ideas, Technology. In that Order.
  • Observe, Orient, Decide, Act
  • Sheepdog


I am working on opsZero a platform to help businesses thrive and focused on helping companies that are advancing my cause.


I take the long-term approach and worry more about doing good in the world than the money that flows into my pocket. While money is important, setting up humanity to our live the current century is the most important problem that we can work on so I try to figure out where I see humanity and work backwards to plug in the holes that will get us there.


Talent is all over the world and it is poor to just focus on one place. So I seek talent all over that will help me fulfill my goals.