Abhi Yerra

I am the founder of opsZero, a company I started in 2016. Before starting opsZero I was a Software Engineer at CloudCrowd, SpeakerText, Lookout, and VSCO. I studied history at University of California, Berkeley. My passions outside of technology include global macro investing, cooking, and reading. Notes

Building with Principles

I've found that having a set of principles to live by leads to better decision making. Principles are deeply personal and can be different for each person. I found there are a set of principles that work for me and which I use to guide my decisions for myself and what I work on.

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Investing in Deglobalization

The Ukraine war has started a domino effect that will cause rapid deglobalization. Manufacturing will move to Mexico, Europe's manufacturing will be dead, food shortages will be rampant, China as a country will breakdown, and energy costs will be high. All while we also deal with climate change. I hope to find returns in this chaos by investing in the public markets focused on commodities, stocks, and real estate.

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Building Companies

I've built a few companies over the years, some successful others not. I find that building companies teaches you about yourself. It teaches you how to build something people want, how to manage money, how to manage people, and how to manage your own emotions.