Jiu Jitsu


  • What are the plays that are happening?


  • What are the moves the other person is doing?
  • What is their strength?
  • Do they move slow but deep?
  • Do they move fast but less strength?
  • What is their range of moves to your potential moves?
  • When making a move figure out what their range of moves are.
  • This makes it easier to see where they want to go.
  • If you leave yourself open their range of moves are wider
  • If you limit your range of moves then you will be much better odds of creating a response attack.
  • So the whole objective is to limit your opponent’s range of moves while giving yourself the opening to inflict your damage from your moves while eventually getting to the point where your opponent submits.


  • What is the best response to this person?




• Need a better diet before workout maybe earlier for jiujitsu
• What is the 80/20 for jiujitsu?
• What are opening and closing moves?
• What is allowed and not allowed?