Abhi Yerra

Sheepdog: A Framework for Action in Life and Work


Goals / OKRs

  • To go to your goals you need to have goals that are measurable.
  • OKRs are a great way to do this.


  • Treat any project as an experiment.
  • It has a why you are running this experiment
  • What you need to do to do the tasks
  • The people doing the tasks have to define the how.
  • Usually want you want with the how is to figure out the minimum things that needs to be done to build the feature.
  • Experiments are a way to seek out new opportunities for your organization that it can do
  • Or it can be experiments that make things more efficient.
  • The goal of an experiment is for the future that leads to growth or evolution that leads to delivering higher value.
  • If an experiment is too risky or too big but can itself deliver high value then it should be moved to a mission team and that team executes the experiment with their own set of resources.
  • They need to be independent of the existing team and able to in effect compete with the existing company.
  • Think of how the Mac was developed independetly within Apple.