Abhi Yerra

Sheepdog: A Framework for Action in Life and Work


Building the Future - Scrum


  • While a company is working to maintain its present you need to also build for the future.
  • If you don’t obsolete yourself and evolve someone else will do it for you.
  • This means taking bets on the future 


  • A company needs to be moving in the same direction with minimal waste.
  • Scrum encourages high velocity movement in the right directon that aligns everyone in the company along the goals.
  • These goals are the OKRs which themselves are a way to get to the Vision
  • A company must be able to accelerate over time and every person on the team must be able to accelerate over time as well.
  • It is important to create this culture of rapid tempo if you want to make change.
  • A scrum works in short intervals of time such as a week to a month
  • The goal is to get everyone to figure out their tasks
  • Everyday they need to move towards the goal
  • Impediments must be removed
  • Experiments that go towards the goal must be promoted regardless of who created them
  • The whole company needs to move as one.
  • That is the goal and objective of the scrum.
  • It is to relentlessly remove things to focus on the core that can get done in any iteration.
  • It is to have deliverables that you can show at the end of every sprint.
  • There MUST be deliverables that you can see and use.
  • It must be concrete.
  • It must lead to the objectives of the company.




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Working on Now - Kanban / Standard Operating Procedures

  • As you are working on the Experiments to seek new opportunities you need to address the concerns of the present.
  • By creating Standard Operating Procedures that create systems around How you do things you can create effectively create a machine that runs the current needs of the company
  • sops are a machine as they give you the habits of an organization. 
  • Habits and good habits are just as important for an organization as they are to a person 
  • They allow you to do more and make sure that you move in the rig direction and that nothing is falling through the cracks 
  • Sops should be set up to be manual in the beginning 
  • They then get more and more optimal 
  • But to much optimization makes a system brittle 
  • So a system should still be able to change forms
  • A system that is too constrained to the task cannot evolve
  • So it is important to figure out how to have enough efficient but also increase throughout 
  • Throughout is an important measure of how things are getting done 
  • Once you figure out your sops you need to increase the throughout of the system 
  • Throughout doesn't mean everyone has to work optimally. You need some slack as things go from one section to the other 
  • If you are a leader of a company you need to essentially delegate these tasks
  • You need to focus on future growth
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