Abhi Yerra

Sheepdog: A Framework for Action in Life and Work

Care of the Self
  • You need to exude power over yourself before you can exude power over others.
  • this means you have to be willing to give up things.
  • show of anger
  • gratuitousness
  • consumerism
  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • you cannot have everything to have and be respected you have to in a way separate yourself from those you want to lead
  • this means the following
  • divide yourself from the other
  • show that you are different in a positive and productive way
  • you cannot have everything and to have what you believe will get you where you want to go you need to remove the obstacles that get in your way.
  • alcohol removes your inhibition and also makes you mentally sloppy
  • drugs mean you don’t have power and autonomy over yourself. You are leading a substance lead you
  • anger means you don’t have control over your emotions and that you have no power to get people to where you want without a disruptive emotion
  • consumerism means you don’t have control over what people think of you and you let your ideas and wants be controlled by companies instead of your needs.
  • to be a sheepdog you need to get up and be removed from others.
  • you will be beaten over and over again.
  • you will face insurmountable odds against you.
  • a sheepdog means you have to protect from the wolves and the wolves are crawling and whispering in the ears of the sheep against you.
  • a sheepdog has to have control over themselves, be mentally ready and limit their concerns to the few things that are valuable.
  • this is not to say you have to completely give things up but you need to severely curtail them.

Play by the Rules or Make the Rules

  • To be a sheepdog you have to be willing to create new rules for yourself that don’t exist in the world.
  • Everyone is playing a certain game and you have to realize that those rules were made by other people.
  • This means that those rules also have the fallibility of people who have written them.
  • To advance in life and to advance life you have to make new rules that you live by.
  • This means ignore certain rules that you deem are not worthwhile or using those same rules to breakdown the system from within.