Abhi Yerra



  •  Get New Ideas


  •  Industry
  • Our Competence
  • Is this within our realm of competence
  •  Vision, Values and Culture
  •  Strong Management
  •  Anti-Fragile / Competitive Strategy
  •  Operational Excellence
  •  Few Variables
  •  Long Runway
  •  Attractive Price


  •  Simple to Invest



Investing will be involved in a few different tasks. It needs to primarily be focused on growing and analyzing the business to ensure that it is doing well. It need to ensure that capital is being spent prudently and without waste. From there it needs to do a couple of things that should set it apart. We are build great things and to do that we need to create different forms of fundraising. Lastly it needs to calculate the investments that we make from a purchasing standpoint. To do all of these we need to put the 
devise mechanisms for investments  and strategies for putting capital.
Raise capital for campaigns that we need to fund.
Empower candidates that will be good for our goal.  
Lean Spending
analyze and figure out cost centers and reduce costs overtime if it does not generate value
figure out what spending is creating high value compared to what we spend.
Don't reduce spending across the board. Reduce spending as it pertains to maximizing value.
Increase spending on areas where value is increased.
Create an assembly line to start a new business and raise capital and launch a product. It should move from idea to launch. It should allow us to create an app, social, fundraise, etc. 
figure out how to quickly raise capital using crowd funding sites
Make and gather information on new ways to raise capital
create processes around raising capital and methods of execution
figure out new mechanisms of raising money.


  • A decision making the process for investments. It should be for both how you look at businesses external and internal
  • It should be a completely independent Judgement and shouldn’t involve subjective decision making.

Profits & Loss

  • Profit
  • Cash Flow


  • Cash on Hand
  • Burn Rate
  • Growth Rate


  • Remove Things that don't generate value

Investor Update

  • Write Update
  • Send if First of Month


  •  Public Data
  •  Leadership / Culture
  • Look at the documentation that is public
  •  Competitive Strategy
  •  Financial Data
  •  Am I making a profit?
  •  Is it in a growth industry?
  •  Can a company also be bought?
  •  What is the competitive strategy?

Industry Analysis

  •  Where in the stages of competitive strategy is the market
We need to microcommit to understand different industries. We need to invest in different bets that follow out principles.
We need to ensure that money is being reinvested in areas of growth.
Further use different mechanisms for raising capital:
  • Create crowdfunding
  • Create subsidies
  • Create operational plans
  • Get loans
  • Get line of credits
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
Essentially Capital is going to amass a war Chest so we can grow.
Further we need to make micro bets. These bets will ensure that we can grow and are creating the economies. The goal is to make bets internally and once they are large enough to have them run independently as a separate organization.
But the goal is to bootstrap the organization and ensure that it is powerful enough to be sent on its way to run independently. We need to keep the bets independent to ensure that they can stand on their own. Furthermore we need to invest a maximum to ensure that the bet doesn’t eat more money.
Further we need everything to live under capital under it has completely taken on our vision and principles before it can be set to execute on its own.


  • • What are the most important forecasts?
  • • What can I look at for cash flow
  • • How much assets do I have?
  • • What entries in opszero can be adjusted?
  • • What is adjusting books?
Par value is only used for issuing stock
Learn Accounting
Personal accounting
  • Cash accounts
  • Investing accounts
  • Financial decision wizard
  • It should learn over time
  • Causes and effects
  • Accountng
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