Abhi Yerra

Crowd.sh is a mechanism to send work to Mechanical Turk and Other Virtual Assistants. It uses Airtable to get data then sends it to third party locations where data can then be completed.
Request -> Generate Form -> (MTurk | VA) -> Review -> Done
The People-First Method to to Handle Any Type of Knowledge Work at Scale Using Crowdsourcing While Ensuring Low Cost, Low Errors, and Operational Excellence.
The Crowd Script is one of the major parts of how we will do products. Our goal is to create Assembly Lines for new projects and to do that we need to execute using the Gig economy. This will be built into the application itself as we need a distinct crowd for each product. A major part of Crowd Script is hiring and ensuring high quality results from the worker.
This ability to use the Gig economy will come in a couple different forms:
We will create out our network of workers
We will use Upwork
We will use Mechanical Turk
We will use other VA services
The initial goal of the Crowd is to focus on Code and Politics. We can add additional Crowds later but we should just leverage existing services.
This will allow us to create a pretty diverse group of workers who can help with figuring out and fixing all the tasks taht we have. The main goal with Crowd Script is to
Code Crowd should also handle library and code development.
Need tasks that are independent. It basically combines all the Crowdsourcing methods. Also improvements in third party libraries.
We are not selling crowd.sh it is sort of the second pillar of the company. The Crowd Script is an API that is built into how we do things. It should be an API that is built into Sheepdog that allows us to add a Crowd member into a Basecamp project.
Capital is used to make and enter industries as we see them being created.
Signals is used to find the industries that are just being talked about and the trends
Crowd is entering an industry while using the crowdsourcing engine.
Crowd should be series of Systems for growth and expansion.
It provides all the things that are done by Growth.
We need to build our own army. This is what the Crowd is. It doesn’t have to be public but it should have its own presence.
Move Growth to Crowd. Mission is grow sales and marketing and data intelligence while reducing costs.
The Crowd should be completely based on Human Labor with addition of AI. Most of these tasks are slinging data so it should be written using python.
Crowd should just integrate with existing APIs and not actually do the work. Maybe it makes sense to work with an external provider.

Crowd Script

Crowd Script allows us to create a set of common tasks that will allow our company to grow quickly using crowdsourcing and gig economy work. Initially a lot of this will be internal tasks but as we perfect our use cases and make it better we can also provide it externally.
Initially we will focus completely on what we can do through mechanical Turk. This will allow us to develop that capability. It has to connect with sheepdog but be independent. It has to assign to multiple people. In a sense we may expand on the rails app DataStory. We need to simplify the tasks.
Grow rapidly the capability to distribute work to others. Add automations for customers.
Connect to all freelance sites. We need to figure out how to effectively reach out and collect people. 
Assembly Line
We need to create a top of the funnel access to hiring. We need to get people interested in the position.
we hire for a position in sheepdog
It creates a hiringstory
This is connected to a HiringStory Hook
This creates a new Todo in Crowd
We will look to posting a Job
We will ask people to apply using the appropriate Airtable forms. These will be different for each Position based on the app
Daily review the Airtables.
Figure out who needs to be hiring or can be hired.
Interview and test
Interview Need to Interview based on Values and Skills
Manage Add them to Airtable
Need to have a Manager
Create Project in Upwork
Assign People
Create Project in Harvest
Create a Basecamp Project
Assign People
Code Create Upwork Project
Assign People to Interview
Figure out who can do what.
Send them work
Create projects in upwork
. Can happen manually initially and updated later.
Sell them the end
Once finished the work is ranked in terms of quality by a reviewer
Reviewer is also reviewed over time.
If project doesn't have buyers then increase cost and publish again
If the work is bad figure out who did the work and block them.
Ping people who did good work to do more.
Work rejects should be tracked.
Errors overtime should go down.
crowd system is just an api and an excel file.
Disable on Enter Submit
Prevent people from pressing enter to submit the form. We are getting a lot of false positives
Reject If Contains for Crowdsourcing
Need to reject assignments if they contain certain regexes.
reject_if: [ "remotee"]
  •  Add a way to track former customers
  •  Crowdsourcing should move from sheepdog to crowd.
  •  It should be a RestStory
Assistant / Upwork / Mechanical Turk
  • Assistant can create an Upwork task automatically.
  • - It can either add a generic VA or it can add a Specialist or it can create the Story on Upwork and be linked to get done.
  • Assistant The Assistant works like so:
  • - Create a Story
  • - Create a Story#assistant
  • o Create an Upwork task
  • § Create JobPost
  • o Show Badge for Story
  • o List People for JobPost
  • § Hire Person to Do Task
  • § Follow Up
  • o Get task finished
  • Have an Assistant Button Sends it to an assistant to do.
  • • assistant-finished
  • • Triggers a review
Sheepdog CrowdWorker
• Assignment
• Contact URL
• Create a Random Set of Stories to Verify
• Create a Link to ensure that tasks can be closed
Need to figure out if we can add a company to a particular crowd
  •  Narrative
  •  Make Applicable and Usable for Code Use Case.
  •  Test it with different tools.
  •  There are different crowds and we need to make use of each one effectively.
  •  How do you outreach effectively across different crowds?
  •  Political Crowd
  •  Climate Crowd
  •  Worker Crowd