Delete, Delete, Delete

As an engineer it is one of the hardest things to keep things simple. As a creative person it is hard to not start new projects. But both lead to a lot of bloat and things that are not important.

To counter this I have started the year off by trying to simplify most things in my life to a few realm of concerns.

This is the 80/20 Principle being applied for real to my life. I have deleted the following things:

  • JavaScript
  • Several Financial Accounts
  • Startup Sonoma County
  • Most of My Domains
  • Most of my Projects and Repos
  • Notion
  • OneNote

All of these are giving me more mental clarity and ability to focus. Focus is the key to success but it is also the hardest in a world where the fear of missing out is so painfully large.

It means I have accepted a few things namely what my strengths are and how to maximize my strengths. I am pretty good at sales and coding so I will focus on those two things. I will simplify everything else massively.

In a way I need to ask myself does this bring me joy and most things are not long term joys they are fleeting joys that are useful the first time your figure it out but you don’t want to run with long term.

So this will lead to a couple KPIs that I can focus on:

  • Net wealth
  • Time for Hobbies and Learning
  • Growth of Business

The three businesses I will be focused on are Sheepdog, Primitive and OpsZero. These will lead to the most growth and allow me to build on each other so they are essentially the same business. Further, my business will be around delivering code and that will be the primary focus of my entire business.

Deleting means I can really focus my energy and hopefully make some really solid changes going forward.