Edge Computing

As we move into 2020 one of the major factors that will be important is Edge Computing and latency. We are nearing 5G rollouts across the board and this means we need to prepare for computing nearest the customer and ensuring that data is reached as fast as possible with as minimal hops as possible.

One of the services I’ve been excited by is Cloudflare Workers. What I love about it is its simplicity as it is implemented as a Service Worker allowing us to test the requests easily and deploy around the world to Cloudflare’s data centers.

One of my ideas is how do we push as much to the edge using Cloudflare Workers as possible. While Cloudflare isn’t ideal for everything for many use cases it’s simplicity is ideal including things like Static Pages, Landing Pages, Blogs, etc.

I’m going to explore if this will lead to a better response overtime by converting portions of this site to use Cloudflare as an example. The idea being we can really reduce the size of the app to its bare minimum.