Coding and Future of Coding for Myself

I started programming when I was around 11-12. I loved it. It was a continuing of playing with LEGO setup for a global scale. I loved everything about it even if I was banging my head around pointers. It’s been nearly 21 years since I started programming and to be honest I’ve seen the same problems being fixed over and over again. Three to four iterations of technology have gone since I started programming.

  • Microsoft -> Linux
  • MacOS, Rails and Github
  • Microservices, Cloud and AI

I learned to program on Visual Basic 4. It was a good learning environment but a loss of the install package set me aside so I remember my dad buying me Learn C in 21 Days. It has a Borland C++ compiler built in. I made a lot of random little C programs. It was around this time that Linux was going from grassroots to being a big deal. I remember going to LinuxWorld in San Francisco in 9th grade and getting a bunch of cool stuff. I read everything about being a hacker and hacker culture. I loved it. I found my tribe. I hung out on Freenode #security channel. I had nothing to contribute but I learned so much from others. I installed Linux, I loved the command line, I loved FreeBSD and OpenBSD. However, this is the time that Linux was taking off. It was becoming a powerful operating system and all the other OSes such as Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX all started to sort of fizzle. I ran my own OpenBSD server at home.

When I went to college it was the resurgence of Apple. I really wanted Mac OS X. I wanted Unix without the pain of setting up Unix. It was also the time Rails was started to take off and where scripting languages became really programming. Rails, MacOS and Github were really a big deal in the transition of the industry to open source and putting developer happiness as a major point of development. It was during this period that DSLs and and other mechanisms of making different types of programming tasks more optimized and easier to use for those developers working in those arenas became major. Scripting languages like Python and Ruby became the norm. Further it was around this time that Google Maps was released and JavaScript started to be considered a real language as well.

Which brings us to now. We are in the midst of a Microservice, Cloud and AI revolution. We are basically all in on a major transition that will move all industries to the Cloud in some form or fashion where running your own server will eventually get deprecated. This is still in the midst because 5G hasn’t really even launched yet and we haven’t seen the capabilities of that launch. All of this is to say that the future of coding is bright and there are a lot of major problems to solve with coding.

I always thought I’d give up coding at some point and then I fight myself for not coding but I realize that I am a hacker at heart. I love to build for the sake of building and using programming is the way I do it. I can avoid it or bitch about it but at the end of the day I love coding and computers because they allow me to build the future. It is because of this I will be doubling down on coding but with a major change.

I now know what I want to do with my life and that is to help advance humanity and take us to stars but first before we can go there we have to solve the potholes on the ground. We need to fix the societal problems here. I want to build tools to address these needs and help democratize code for everyone making code available for everyone. That will be my goal it will be to make code and AI available to everyone and use those to solve the worlds hardest problems.