Python for Primitive

After thinking about Typescript and Python as the official language for Primitive I decided that Python is the winner. The way I intend to build a Crowd to do work JavaScript just has too many variables. There are too many styles, the language is evolving, and the lack of standard library all point to too many ways of doing things.

We want to standardize. We want repeatability. We want a single style.

As such we will be focusing on Python3 as the primary language.

  1. Style. Python has distinct styles but reading different code bases of Python isn’t too excruciating and that is nice. It gives a good standard syntax and the quirks are known.
  2. Strong Standard Library. The lack of a standard library in JavaScript would have meant that there would have been a million libraries to choose from which makes it hard to standardize code. Python’s extensive library will help I’m hoping.
  3. External Libraries. There are so many amazing libraries for Python that are really well developed. All of these will help with the mission of Advancing Humanity. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  4. Community. The Python community is growing and it is a popular first language so it will hopefully lead to a strong pool of candidates.
  5. Serverless. I think Python is a great fit for Serverless applications as you could make them small and isolated and make them easy to reason about.

I will likely still use JS for Frontend stuff but in terms of backend language it will be Python and Go for me.