Problems You Can Solve

I’ve always love starting new projects the sense of adventure, the blank slate, the endless road. But because I love starting them there are too many projects where I am endlessly building things I have no domain expertise in. I am starting things that are too big to chew. I am starting things where the messy middle is not something I want to be a part of.

All of this leads to the problem that I started too many endless projects with so objectives and no clear path forward. I wasn’t maximizing my strengths to build what I thought was important I was trying to commercialize everything and in the end not doing too great at anything. As my previous post noted I did a cleaning this coming year I am going to optimize my strengths for the good of humanity.

There are a million things to say yes to but it is more important to figure out what you will say no to. You need to have a few things that you put all your energy behind. I’ve always struggled with this. My attention sways all over the place so I put everything on the chopping block. I am getting rid of everything and shutting down and archiving the code for most things. I am also selling off all my domains.

This next year I am hoping to not start anything. Day in and day out it will be OpsZero and Primitive and Sheepdog and This will hopefully free me up to work on using my strengths. My strengths are in engineering related tasks. I build things and want others to have things built and do it quickly. In this sense focusing on the above four things and putting all my energy into those four may be the best use of my resources.

The reason for these four is that they hit my interests of: DevOps, Code, Industry 4.0 and Learning.