Killing Projects

I always struggled with killing projects way pst their prime. I know they may be dumb ideas or ideas that may not be useful or ideas that no longer seem fun to do. I enjoyed the challenge of doing them but now I want to move on from them. This is where I find myself now. I have a lot of projects that I potentially want to do but that is the problem with life you should aim for the big ones, the small wins distract you from the big challenges you want to actually be pursuing.

It has however come time for housekeeping of projects and it has come time for me to no longer bother with some of the challenges because I have to be honest with myself and say I am not the person made to push those changes. I am not the person to push those projects forward.

In an attempt to do housecleaning I will only be pursuing the following things in 2020 and they are closely aligned so that should help:

  • AbhiYerra. This website and two websites that will be based off of this site Climate Script and Crowd Script. This site will be used for pushing my Political and Economic Vision. There will also be some additional sites that are sub sites such as Climate Script and Crowd Script.
  • Sheepdog. This will be the major product which is Business Strategy for Industry 4.0. It will incorporate decision making and building with the Crowd, Code and AI.
  • OpsZero. Kubernetes and Serverless Migration.
  • Primitive. Serverless Microservice Writing as a Service

Everything else will be completely killed as unimportant. These four things fall into my Vision as it is in the Master Plan and lets me stay focused. Everything else I create will be given away as projects or will be behind a Patreon site if it is useful for others.

This will hopefully take the stress of running the sites out and it can be more enjoyable if nothing else.