Simplifying the Tech Stack

I read this article and I was a bit concerned that I was doing similar crazy things with technology but then I realized all my problems are not technology. It is easy to constantly tweak a tech stack or use a number of technologies but at the base you need to keep things simple very, very simple. So here are the technologies that I am using:


  • Sheepdog. This is for Strategy and Sprint stuff.
  • Basecamp. Project Management as well as Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly checklists.
  • Airtable. Run almost everything out of this as humanly possible.
  • Github
  • MS Word, Dropbox Paper
  • Zapier to connect things together


  • AWS Lambda / Aurora Serverless. Deployment and Code deployment
  • GKE / Kubernetes
  • Python, Typescript and Ruby on Rails. Keep the technology stack generic, not using Ruby outside of Rails so why I combined the two.
  • Terraform and Packer