On Reading 42 Non-Fiction Books This Year

I read 42 books this year and there are a few things I wanted to note on reading these books over the last year. Some points:

  1. There are a few gems that need to be really read and savored. Most books don’t fall into this category as there are maybe 2-3 points that the author is trying to make and most of the books is filled with fluff. What I found for non-fiction books that are truly good are that each chapter could be considered a full book into itself and it doesn’t try to overload with anecdotes.
  2. You can skim most books a majority of the content. It is a skill to know when to skim and when to read. It does take a while and I haven’t figured out this skill well. This does take a while to learn.
  3. Pick older books over newer books. Books that have been around for a while seem to be worth more than newer books. Older books if they are still recommended and read have certain value to them. I am not saying every book is this way, even some of the older books may not be great. The newer books may be trying to hit a certain feel which may not be what is wanted.
  4. Apply what you learn. It is one thing to read and another to completely apply what you learn to what you are doing. This means you need to really consider what it is that you want to get out of a book before reading it.
  5. Know what level the book is and where you are compared to the book. Only read the book if you think your level of understanding is below what the book can provide.