It was I many ways bittersweet to see the end of Silicon Valley the show. I was working at Lookout in 2013 when the first season came out. The first episode with Kid Rock hit me as a particularly memorable show because the stage with a rock group and no one dancing was essentially something I experienced with a show by Cake thrown by New Relic. Or how my old company Humanoid we spent so much time trying to figure out a name for the company that didn’t sound well creepy.

But I remember the show from the first because I was having the time of my life that year. Silicon Valley wasn’t vilified, I was having the time of my life working with the best team I ever worked with at Lookout, I was falling in love with my now wife. Did I have everything figured out no, but the show did highlight the messiness, the constant change and ups and downs and the all too human aspect of why companies fail.

In the end the show needed to end, because if the characters in the show succeeded they would most likely have moved on and if they failed they would have exactly what happened to them. It is funny going on my own journey through entrepreneurship that in the end the journey is as much fun if not more rewarding than the destination.

We may work years of our lives working on a problem to see it not grow. However, it is those incremental steps, the journey we take with others that is rewarding.