When I started opsZero I knew nothing about business. I was haphazardly moving things forward not knowing how to keep everything that needed to happen in sync. This led to some painful realizations including decision fatigue, aimlessness in terms of vision, and taking on too many things that I was not interested in. I am likely not the first and not the only entrepreneur that has faced this problem.

What I realized is there was no tool that combined the following:

  • Ensure you as an entrepreneur are also taking care of yourself
  • Helping build and empower your team
  • A tool to hone your business strategy
  • Project management that is tied to the strategy
  • A way to delegate projects to freelancers using the Gig economy
  • A way to incorporate code and automations

All of these are critical components of running a business in the 21st century. While all of these tasks have individual tools there were none that effectively combined all of them into a single tool for entrepreneurs. Sheepdog is that tool. Sheepdog is a comprehensive tool for entrepreneurs to aim their business towards a singular goal and help ensure that their strategy, people and projects are all aiming towards that goal.

Sheepdog was created with copious amounts of reading and research including Effective Management, Lean Manufacturing, OODA Loop, Military Strategy, Getting Things Done, Effective Teams and Cultures throughout History, Competitive Strategy, Game Theory, Objectives and Key Results, Kanban, Scrum, Agile, Biological Systems, Adaptive Learning, Systems Thinking, Behavioral Economics, Psychology, and more. All of this research has been synthesized into this Sheepdog and we will continue to adapt more research into the tool.

Furthermore, completely new things such as the Cloud, AI and Crowd are incorporated into the app so that you have the power to move fast with these new technologies and capabilities.