Today I started doing sales and that really just means looking at a lot of the entries that are coming into the sales pipeline and figuring out which companies to reach. Now there is a lot of ways to approach sales and means going after a broad spectrum but I am trying to optimize around the 80/20 rule to figure out the best way to go after a majority of the market quickly with minimal effort.

One of the major things I glanced at is that agencies are still largely not using Kubernetes or Serverless. By agencies I mean consulting companies that design apps. I think this could be a good market to get to first because we can save them time figuring out how to do CI/CD and help them deliver the DevOps way to their customers. This will allow us to help them deliver code faster with fewer problems.

Furthermore, we can move them to using Primitive and run their infrastructure in a Serverless manner creating a method of releasing software that is much more agile. By aligning ourselves as behind the scenes people we can help companies move faster. Since we are focused on the Focus and Cost we can partner with the companies that offer the differentiation and customer service. We can be partners with the companies that are much closer to where we want to operate which is getting the code written and deployed faster.

How do I go about this? We need to really figure out how to help agencies and target their needs. We need to somehow be behind the scenes and allow them to be the ones talking and working with the clients. We will work with the agencies. Out competitive advantage will be operations, scaling and quality.

We need to help the agencies move fast and get the support their need to deliver. One of the major problems with agencies is that there is always an endless amount of work to do. This means that there is an endless about of permutations of work that needs to happen. If we can standardize one portion of this for the companies which is the difficult part of releasing new infrastructure then we can simplify and create repeatable endpoints for deployment.

This means that we can become a foundational piece of the stack. The agency can then work on the differentiation work that is really important to their customers and them. This I think is important. I am specializing in DevOps and most agenices DevOps is a pain, and further with Primitive a lot of common code running as a service is probably just as valuable. This means they don’t have to reinvent the wheel and get new features as they need them.

Further, we can help agencies start using AI and all the cool stuff and add it to their infrastructure and apps. We can help them implement it and put into practice all this cool stuff that is out there. Not that they can’t figure it out, but I think making it a lot easier to use and apply has a huge benefit then them implementing it themselves.

So what does all this look like:

How we can address the needs of agenices:

  • Migrate their CI/CD infrastructure to a common pipeline
  • Migrate their apps to run on a single Kubernetes / Serverless cluster
  • Help them create backend code for their mobile apps
  • Help them create scalable infrastructure for their apps