The journey of a solopreneur is a lonely one. My wife says I need to find some other people to talk to about what I am working on to get feedback and she isn’t wrong. However, the main thing about entrepreneurship is that it is not a lot of glamourous work, it is basically a lot of doing the same things every day, ensuring the what you are doing is repeated every day and you are doing it over and over. In essence you need to build a widget factory for sales, marketing, value delivery, value creation, and finance. Each of these need to be sustained over the long term with small kaizen changes as opposed to giant changes.

This is the biggest lesson: A lot of entrepreneurship and business is a slog. There are fun things but some of it isn’t that fun. You have to work on the boring stuff to survive and also ensure that the boring stuff is getting done. It is creating motivation to do the things and building systems so you get through the work without having to think about it. This means having a clear Vision for where you want to go so you have a clear mental model in your mind of Why you are doing the slog in the first place.

Without that Why it becomes impossible to get through this boredom. I definitely had to pause and really consider why I am doing what I am doing as of late. I was building a company but I had no clear purpose for it. I was doing the actions, but each action was making me more burnt out. So this year I have been really trying to focus on what I am building, and more importantly Why I am building it and Where I fit into that picture.

I wonder if this is one of the reasons companies flame out. They don’t have a clear Vision for themselves and the team and instead of collaborating towards a common goal end up fighting each other. This I feel also happens at nation levels like the fight between the left and right, though exacerbated by social media.

I always wondered why it was so important that great leaders had visions and it seems to be for this reason. It is something to rally around when things get monotonous.