Simplicity is hard work. It is always easier to add more things into a system but the coupling of systems with complexity makes things ever harder to manage. It is simple systems that work best and it is simple systems that allow us to grow and become experts. It is not doing crazy shortcuts, it is not doing crazy advanced things. What makes things work is simplicity:

Simplify Decisions by simplify the number of tasks in a process. The more tasks that need to be done in a regular basis the more it becomes that when we start just doing the motions if the system is too rigid. Humans are pattern seekers, have enough documentation in a process but ensure that it doesn’t become monotonous. Remove and remove until you get to the essence of the process and stick with that process. As you continue doing this also figure out ways that you can automate certain parts of the pipeline. Not everything needs a person to do especially really monotonous tasks.

However, be aware of the Paradox of Automation. The more you automate the more likely that a crazy error leads to something catastrophic. Ensure that there are people who can be made aware of this and can handle this and there is someone keeping an eye on this behaving correctly. Create environments for doing the tasks. The best way to get things done is to make actions automatic. Create an environment for doing each task so certain behaviors lead to that action being taken.

Furthermore, we have to get through the monotonous boredom of certain tasks. Our brains like novelty but success is repetition that is highly routine done to lead to a positive outcome.

We need to enjoy the boredom and that means creating systems and environments that lead us to just doing the work.


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