The world is chaotic, things go up, and things go down. Though most of my adult life has witnessed the growth of the stock market, it is bound to go down at some point if it hasn’t already started. This is important to note as business needs to go on. This means we have to prepare the company to grow and shrink when things are going well and when things are not.

Competitive Strategy

How is opsZero for both growth and contraction of the economy? Well, opsZero’s Competitive Strategy is Focus and Cost. We are focused on a small silver of the DevOps market, which includes Kubernetes, CI/CD, and Serverless. We are attempting to do those things really well while reducing the cost over time. This is the game we have chosen to play.

opsZero is not playing a Differentiation game. We think there are plenty of vendors creating great tooling for this space, and it is not our goal to really work in that space. Tooling for DevOps is hard without scale and money. Since we are not going down that path, we want to ensure the existing open source tooling is solid and help drive the community. We will be an open-source first company.

Since we are not playing a Differentiation game, we must focus and play as a cost player. We will strive to reduce the cost of implementing Kubernetes, CI/CD, and Serverless over time and ensure that we provide a lot of value in those three things.


When the market is growing our benefit is that we enable speed of deployment, we increase the velocity at which we can provide deployments to happen and allow companies to release quickly. Furthermore, we will already be the low-cost player in the market, giving people the right choice for quick and good quality setup.

When there is growth there is importance in how quickly to market people can go and this is a major point of focus for opsZero. We are trying to make deployments easier and faster so that you can deploy quickly. Customers want to be able to release new features when times are good and people want to spend money. When times are good new features are also released at a rapid clip to go after other competitors in the marketplace. This leads to companies wanting to deploy quickly.


If we hit a recession, we will help companies cut their operational cost and reduce capital expenditure by moving them to the Cloud. This will significantly reduce the costs that companies have and allow them to do more. Further, since we are playing a Cost game, we should be able to provide low-cost services.

Since we are playing with Focus and Cost as our Competitive Strategy, we need to develop tooling to reduce the cost over time. We need to become the lowest cost provider of moving people to Kubernetes, CI/CD, and Serverless. How we do this will be really important, and we need to really become experts in doing this.

General Strategy




Deployment Speed

Reduce Operational Cost


Feature Deployments

Reduce Capital Expenditure

Reduce Server Costs

Speed of Delivery