August 26, 2019

I’ve decided that I don’t want to raise funding for opsZero or Sheepdog. Both have the vision of “Ideas Deployed Fast” and they are going about it in slightly different ways. However, these are also my lifelong mission and I don’t think I will be able to really fulfill that mission without having sustainable growth that is built for the long term.

This is not something venture funding will allow me to do. It is not something that will allow me to grow to where I want to take this company. It won’t allow me to grow slow and steadily over decades of time, it won’t let me discover the best ideas and figure out systems to synthesize them into something bigger.

I want to make it sizeable at my own pace for a lifetime. I want to be more a coach for other people to aspire than me being the person who gains the empire. I want to be an Aristotle not an Alexander. So all ideas related to fundraising will be ended.

Acksin will be renamed to Sheepdog and different products like opsZero will be grown as a Berkshire Hathaway type entity. Each one will be grown and built into a solid company that can own multiple holdings. Eventually each one should just be spun out into their own company. However, these should be built with investment from profit.

I want to build companies the old fashion way by selling things people want and taking profit to build other things that people want. VC money is too short term and doesn’t allow for us to test the outcomes in a long enough timeframe.

I will still use advisors but I will no longer be concerned about investments. Maybe I’ll take loans if I need to but I will not be taking money past that. Most of the things I want are not related to money, they are related to advice.

This question has been bothering me for a long time and I have been wondering if I should take money or not but money though it allows for growth has conditions. Having gone through paying student loans, having gone through the recession and having to deal with all the power of being asked to repay that stress haunts me. The burden of all of that is not something I want to carry. Other people may be cavalier about it but I shoulder that responsibility of repaying my debt. I always pay my debts and I pay on time. I do not want the stress of nurturing other people’s money.

Making this decision is really freeing. I no longer have this wishy-washy outlook on how I want to do this. I know now and I know for certain and I know why I’ve been so resistant. All of these free me from the burden I have set on myself of it I should raise money, or if I shouldn’t. What I am offering and what I should be offering. All of these go away and all I have left is a grand happiness of purpose.

I am not in it for the money. I want to deploy human ingenuity to build the solutions that the world needs and that is my purpose. It isn’t to take some money for the short term and flip in the next 2 years. This goal “Ideas Deployed Faster” it is my Why. It is Why I exist on this earth to do. I am here to make sure to make it happen on my own terms.