Humans like certainty. The sun will rise, the rains will come, the job I have today will be available tomorrow. All of these are not certain if given a long enough timeframe. The notion that everyone needs a single job to define them is antiquated and our education system and most businesses are not made for this new world of chaos.

This has to do with two different aspects:

  1. No considerations of second and third order effects
  2. No consideration of Black Swan events
  3. No consideration of the Ludic Fallacy

All of these mean people live in a linear model. A linear model is not representative of the rapid change that is society now. Society is now split into two the older generation where stability is important and expected and the newer generation who have been standing on sand.

With the rate of technological change we are going to remold jobs every few years and no job will last forever. Jobs will be cyclical in that they will follow this model:

A close up of a flag

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There is a caveat is that higher levels of abstractions created by AI create more specialized work. The specialization will need people with a broader level of knowledge paradoxically who can adapt to the different types of work that may be created. Specialization in any particular field without generalizing into multiple fields is risky.

Things I need to learn more about:

  • How can people prepare for this future of AI / Human interfacing?
  • How to build this future?
  • How can society function where there is a planned obsolescence for jobs?
  • What does a person do when their world can no longer be defined from a permanent job?