This week has been finishing DeployTag and it is quite simply the deploy tool that I have wanted for myself. It doesn’t replace CI/CD tools but makes it easier to do deploys with helm and makes secret management much less painful.

This will allow me to migrate people to Kubernetes and CI/CD with full deploys that don’t suck. DeployTag will need a few other iterations but the current version should work for most use cases. The eventual goal is to remove the calls to helm and replace most of the code with actual Go code so that we can fully integrate the tasks.

However, the current state of the world is actually doing pretty well and it is gradual improvement of the code to make it more robust and clearer.


Sheepdog has incorporated the OODA loop and still needs to do a lot with the UX but I am more interested in getting all the features that I want into the app and less about UX. UX can be improved in the future but the current state of the world needs me to add the features that will allow Sheepdog to run circles around what other tools offer.

I realize Sheepdog is not Project Management. It is Strategy Execution. It should allow for rapid movement and allow integration with other tools that people actually use.