If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

One of the difficulties that I have as is that I have always been sort of a lone wolf. I do things, figure it out, and well that was the end of the that. No bringing it down the mountain so others can see the discovery, no really promoting it, no work that others can really see.

Though this works, it is limiting. When you don't put things to the world, you don't get the feedback you need. You are advancing on your own, and that is fine but if you don't have a community that is looking at your work you don't improve as fast because you don't get the crucial feedback in knowing where you need to have improvement.

The act of putting things out there is an act of vulnerability. It is saying here it is what I know. The critical thing to show the world is that you are willing to stand up to the work you do. You are showing your work. You need to show the world you don't hide your work, you are your work and are proud to prove it.

So what are my weaknesses? Well, there are a few:


  • Trying to learn the perfect strategy for Poker and not really playing with others. Instead, I play single-player games because I'm afraid of not playing with perfect strategy.
  • Not releasing opsZero 2.0 faster and trying to get all the code precisely right instead of starting to sell it and figuring out what I need over time.
  • Not releasing my book to the world and getting feedback for what I need and also releasing my app so others can give me better feedback.
  • Being too afraid to make sales and posting my content.

So what is the fear here? Am I too scared of my work? Well, it is not entirely done, but no, that isn't the case. They are evolving projects that are changing rapidly over time, and I need to get feedback now so that I can improve over time.

How am I going to fix this?


  • To fix this, I am going to designate Mondays to be my push days. What I mean by push day is these are going to be my days when I am actively reaching out in the world to gain feedback. I will promote content, reach out to people, and create systems of outreach on Monday.
  • I will advertise things that I write and will have an active pipeline for the outreach of all content. Thought I need to have an active voice to do so.
  • I will play Poker with other people and stop playing by myself and take the losses if I need to. I can't learn how to bluff against a computer.
  • I will start reaching out to people even before everything is perfect.

Basically, I'm going to try to be good enough, not perfect. Good enough means that I am going to update towards perfection continually but am not going to worry if the short term isn't good enough. It also means putting myself in a vulnerable position to advance forward.