I will be writing a weekly Changelog for myself, which will deep dive into how things are advancing in my life and work, what my weaknesses are, and how I need to address them. This has two purposes: 1) I want to create a public record of my thinking around my projects, 2) I want to create a way to see how I am improving over time.


This will hopefully be created every Thursday, and they will always have the title: Changelog.




opsZero is becoming more and more ready to tackle its second iteration. This means all the components that make it up are getting to completion. 1) AuditKube is basically waiting for Azure, and it should be completed. 2) DeployTag is fully functioning and a seamless way of creating environments with minimal code. These two are getting to the point where I can advance quite quickly in setting up infrastructures around these tools.


This means the following: I am ready to start moving forward with sales. Everything should be good to go for sales beginning on Monday. I will start with partnerships then move onto the other aspects of the business. My wife says that I have been procrastinating when it comes to making sales and that I have been off the wagon too long in terms of it. That is true. I haven't made a lot of sales in a while, and it is making me antsy. I do love doing it and helping solve some complex problems, so I'm hoping to push forward with this. It isn't because I haven't succeeded it is more because I wanted to get opsZero 2.0 setup, first.


My weaknesses are that I am still attempting to do too much on my own. I should have hired someone to do the conversion of Deploytag from Ruby/Bash to Go, but I did it myself. I did this code myself because my strengths are in software architecture, and that is the primary skill I am bringing to the table. I am making a solid base of code, and this will allow me to hire for the next set of improvements which should be much more minor.


I need to dedicate a day to management tasks every week. This day will be completely focused on management thinking and execution of management and process-oriented tasks. This should be Wednesday since it is the day after Sprint Planning when I am advancing the tasks that I have for the week. Furthermore, I will start creating a series of Sprints that have the tasks ready to go for the following week.


I am trying to do both Vision and Execution, and that doesn't necessarily work well if I am trying to grow. I need to shift from Vision to Execution, soon. Furthermore, I would like to focus on Vision more in the future, and this means finding people who can work as Operations. My goal is to long term be Vision oriented with opsZero and building tools to "Deploy Ideas Faster."


Sheepdog / App


Sheepdog is slowly taking form as an app and a book. The app is now how I do most of my projects, and I don't really need any other tool. This heavy dogfooding has helped me realize several things: 1) I am building this tool to last me a lifetime. 2) There needs a lot of UX improvements 3) All the major features are nearing completion.


The first realization is that I am building this tool really for myself and allowing me to advance forward my aspirations. It will update over time as I learn new things and improve my thinking and decision making. It is for all ends and purposes of my decision tree as an app.


The UX needs improvement as there are a lot of things that either slow it down, are too confusing or are not explained well enough, or there are too many options. Some of the things I want to long term improvement with embedded AI and maybe have a more chatbotesque interface.


The major core features are all coming to a completion. This is actually pretty cool since the core is going to be kept quite lean. By keeping the core lean and extendable, I can add new features and allow things to adapt over time, especially if this is a tool for a lifetime.


The weaknesses are that I am coding too much of this app, and I'd like to have features developed slowly overtime that improves upon it. The app is pretty well structured now and needs about a week of clean ups to make it really usable and applicable to end users. Not saying that will be perfect, I think that will take a long time, just good enough that people don't pull their hair using it.


Sheepdog / Book


The book is taking form, and the major headings are all setup. However, it needs major updates to the subsections, and this will require that I go through each and figure out the exact structure. Otherwise, I believe everything that I want as part of the book is in the book, and many things I talk about during the day that relate to life does have a section.



Learning Poker is going awesome, and there is still so much to learn, but I want to learn Game Theory a bit better to understand my strategy. I want to eventually get to "Applications of Hold 'em". But currently, I want to make my way through the books I have.