I wanted to figure out what an administrative assistant role would look like and this is what I came up with.

The Administrative Admin Job will be one that entails operational responsibility. This role sets up the groundwork for all other aspects of the business. This relationship will be one that involves tackling all of the following things:

  • Sales
    • Emails
      • Clean Up
      • Responses
      • Scheduling
    • Partnerships
    • Sourcing
    • Outreach
    • LinkedIn
    • Customer Prospecting / Sourcing
      • Outreach
      • LinkedIn
      • Scheduling
    • CRM Clean Up
  • Marketing
    • Content Editing
    • Content Posting
    • Social Media
  • Finance
    • Payroll
    • Invoicing
  • Value Delivery
    • Hiring
      • Candidate Qualification
      • Job Post Writing
  • Value Creation

As you can see it is ensuring all the aspects of the business which are not Value Creation are being handled in a repeatable manner, it is setting up standard operating processes to ensure those tasks are done. It is also ensuring that the processes are setup in a way that if in the future we grow that any specialist that comes in can take over the task.

Essentially, the jobs above must be done, processes for them must be created, and processes should be done efficiently while delegating or automating the tasks that can be automated or delegated to lower value providers.

Since this is a job that requires doing many smaller things It doesn’t entail doing anything specific that requires a long chunk of time, but many things that require small amounts of time. If there is a job that requires more of a specific job provider the main job should be to write a job post and find candidates that can fulfill that role.