“Burn the Ships” -Alexander the Great

Stability is a curse. We want stability, but sometimes that stability makes us stuck. But to grow, we need to sacrifice stability and figure out the unknown, we need to move forward, we need to burn the ships that return us to safety.

It is easy to fall into the rut of stability and not make big, bold moves when the time comes for change. However, it is time to start making those bold moves to really fulfill my ambition. There are a couple things that need to be done:

Reduce Variability in Work and Life

Simplify and Delegate Tasks

Amplify Leverage

First, reduce the variable things in life that don’t bring you happiness. On my part, opsZero will no longer do changeable things but will be focused on three verticals. Sheepdog will be merged into an app and a book as opposed to having them be completely different things. I will limit the number of activities I pursue outside of work to a few things.

Secondly, simplify tasks such that it follows the Power Law. Simpler tasks that give greater leverage in better than complex tasks. Simpler tasks are easier to have other people do over time so you can focus on the high-value things. Simplify tasks such things are not variable, tasks should have as little variability as possible, and it should make it so that other people can jump in if need be.

Third, Amplify Leverage. This means that simplify tasks and then use that simplification to create massive leverage. Cut things which are complex and don’t create value or outsource it to other vendors. Focus on fewer things and kick ass in each of those few things.

However, to do all of this requires changes in how life is structured, namely the type of work you do, the risk that you are willing to take, and believing in yourself.