I’m prone to distraction by shiny new things and spread myself too thin. Many of my side-projects have mild success, which is worse than no success because it pushes you into random directions that you wouldn’t usually go. It is good to experiment, but sometimes that experimentation can go too far. The result of all the unfocused experimenting is achieving nothing because you spread yourself thin.

Furthermore, as you start doing harder and harder things, fear gets in the way of achievement. Fear blocks you from doing the hard stuff, and it is easier to distract yourself by working on something on the side than the thing you need to work on. It is also easier to work on easier things than do the hard work.

Furthermore, as you build things, you believe every single thing should be a product, but building any company is long hard work. Building a company or organization is 90% slog. It is essential to do the job and keep focus and not get bogged down by thinking something should be more significant than it needs to be. Not everything needs to be a product and you should do not everything because it may not be your passion to work on that thing.

To achieve anything significant, you need to focus intensely on a few things. Your brain needs to mull on a few things over a long period to think through problems and build something amazing; especially growing companies. Companies that focus on a small set of problems and dive deep tend to do well.

I was procrastinating by diving into too many things, and the result was that everything I was doing has been subpar.

To achieve the things I want, I decided to kill a few things and make sure that I am not distracted. The stuff I killed includes projects that are not important, things that are not my passion, and things that don’t bring the world any lasting value.

My focus will be entirely on two businesses opsZero and Startup Sonoma County and to facilitate both I am going to use Sheepdog.

opsZero will be devoted to Kubernetes Setup, CI/CD Pipelines, and AWS Lambda deployments and nothing outside of that. This will reduce variability in DevOps work that I will take on and help prevent me from burning out and most significantly help, “Deploy Ideas Faster.”

Startup Sonoma County will also have my attention from an operations perspective. Since I am 1/3 partner in it I will be working on more behind the scenes aspects of the company. Startup Sonoma County will be the “Best Place to Work in Santa Rosa.”

Further, I will be developing Sheepdog and build the features needed to expand into the market rapidly. Features such as automations, quick onboarding new hires, observing change in the environment are super crucial to getting tasks finished and allowing me to grow quickly. I will not be actively selling Sheepdog. I am hoping that by collecting my thoughts into a book that I will be able to achieve my life Why of “Helping Grow Sheepdogs.”

The beautiful thing about this approach is that I can build Sheepdog the app and book as a tool that I always wanted for myself and constantly adapt it as I learn. The tool itself will be what I use to grow opsZero and Startup Sonoma County.

Sheepdog will be my life long project and tweaking it to make it better over time. I want Sheepdog to be an extension of myself that will eventually codify and make decisions on my behalf. It will incorporate important things such as the Gig economy, AI and code to help me work smarter and better over time while also allowing people to use my thinking process.