There is a Catch-22 with public transit and car driving. People complain about public transit and refuse to take it because a lot of time it doesn't take them to the last mile. But public transit systems also seem to be completely without plans to address these issues. I mean if I plan on staying past 2am in San Francisco well I'm out of luck to get back to Oakland.

But I just don't seem to get the idea of driving. Sure if you want to do rally car races and what not go for it but most driving isn't racing. Most driving is commuting and commuting especially into the cities is a


Think of the humanity lost due to traffic. Think of the smog that is released which we breathe due to idling engines. Think of the frustration and anger that we have due to road rage. Think of all the time that could be used elsewhere. Maybe you are a dad or a mom and want to spend time with your kids, maybe you and your partner want to spend a longer evening together, maybe you want it to be less frustrating to see your friends. Maybe you just want to sleep an extra hour.

The traffic in San Francisco Bay Area is atrocious. The area which sees itself as the technology capital of the world seems to not have any wherewithal to improve the condition. Between AC Transit, MUNI, Bart, CalTrain, County Connection, Ferry, etc. There are just too many independent transit systems which don't seem to work together. There just needs to be a better system than this.

My hope is the following:

  • More transit systems that talk to each other or become one giant transit system. Maybe even shuttles for neighborhoods which take people from their homes to say BART. This could be a shuttle that just traverses neighborhoods.
  • Workplace tax credits for encouraging employees to use public transit.
  • Intelligent sensor systems in cities that allow for effective flow of traffic.
  • Cars that can talk to each other when parked so that parking spaces can be more tightly packed instead of getting the awkward spaces where no one can fit.
  • Please, please self driving cars. People are too emotional when it comes to driving and the wide variety of humanity is spread out in traffic conditions.

Well hopefully someone intelligent can tackle these...