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1/2/20 10:24 AM

Value Chain

In a product company

• Production is high

In a services company

• Inbound logistics is the partner tooling

• Production is small

• Service his high

1/2/20 10:21 AM

Reduce the cost in the value chain not the product. If you commodities your product then it has not distinction so we need to reduce the cost of the value chain and be the low cost provider while having a high value on the product.

1/2/20 9:38 AM

Notes from The Water Will Rise

  • Conservatives in places like Louisiana
  • Care about the environment since their place is completely destroyed from an environmental way but
  • They care about jobs more
    • Louisiana the oil companies have basically lobbied the government for everything and people support it because it supports creating jobs.
  • Their long term plan includes the afterlife so between family values and the environment they pick family values.

1/2/20 9:38 AM

Power Why Some People Have It

chapter 8

You need to maintain your reputation because that is what is most important in getting a promotion and what prep pee think of you.

So you need to cultivate your image carefully and make sure that it is sustainable

People are based off first impressions so you need to cultivate that impression on others

So it might be that you have to leave and start a new to have the image that you want.

Writing is a good way to promote yourself