HIPAA / PCI / SOC2 Compliance

opsZero is committed to compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and SOC2 through the enforcement of stringent privacy and security policies and procedures. opsZero meets or exceeds the HIPAA, PCI, and SOC2 standards in the following ways:

  • opsZero has leading technical security standards in place to encrypt and protect data at every point in flight and at rest.
  • opsZero undertakes a risk assessment on a regular basis and updates its processes for best practices.
  • opsZero has a process for information system monitoring and information security policy and procedure management.
  • opsZero has implemented and trains all employees and contractors on a complete set of Policies and Procedures which dictate acceptable work practices for a compliance environment.
  • opsZero requires all employees and contractors working with PHI to complete training before accessing sensitive data.
  • opsZero takes the appropriate measures and continuously reassesses all policies and procedures to ensure that regulatory requirements are met, and that data privacy and security is stringently maintained.

Contacting opsZero at [email protected] for any follow-up questions.