Retrospective / March 2, 2021: Platform Next

Posted 4 months ago Posted 4 months ago


This last week I performed a massive edit to the Platform, having a single page for the entire business. Having a single page makes it exceedingly easy to run a business. However, right now, I have two interfaces I am using. The first is the Jupyter Flywheel, and the second is the Platform. Having both long-term doesn't seem like a good idea as I am duplicating functionality. 

Since the Platform is heavily biased towards software development, a few things will occur. 

  1. Reintroduce GitHub to the interface. All GitHub tasks should be a part of the interface.
  2. Move the Sales stuff into Jupyter voila webapps but embed within the Platform. 
  3. Have a cash section as part of the single page that's updated through an API.
So what will be kept in Jupyter? The primary thing to keep in Jupyter is the Flywheel and the 7 Powers. Everything should move into the Platform.

Lastly, I've re-migrated to multiple domains. The subdomain route was not what I wanted. It was ugly and subsumed a business under a single identity. In effect, I want to have a ton of different brands, each fulfilling a small task well as opposed to a single entity.


In terms of trading, I am cutting out day trading since building my own business is a better use of my time. I may continue playing with day trading every so often for fun, but it doesn't fulfill my long-term goal. Day trading is maximizing the day's returns not based on anything other than random whims. I want to be a long-term owner of something rather than being pulled in all directions by the whims of Mr. Market. If I do day trading, it will be around automation as opposed to sitting there looking at a chart for hours.

The primary focus of all my energy then is growing opsZero as that seems the best way to create long-term value. I want to continue learning more about investing and but I won't continue day trading actively. It will be valuable to understand fundamental and technical analysis, even if to know how to time entry and exit from markets. 

But overall, things are getting faster and faster, and simpler and simpler to accomplish. The next steps are to have clear week-by-week goals to grow each part of the business.

Photo by Mattea Carson from Pexels