Retrospective / Feb 15, 2021: A Company is an Essay

Posted 3 months ago Posted 3 months ago
In 2019 I built a lot of stuff, a rough draft. 2020 I had to whittle down what I produced, taking the red pen and cutting everything that didn't address the thesis. I took a second to figure out what my thesis! This year, I deleted the monologues and removed the unnecessary paragraphs that just don't fit. The thesis is starting to shine. The remaining paragraphs strengthen my argument while getting filled out.

A company is an essay. Each part builds on the last, articulating precisely the value it is delivering and removing anything that doesn't strengthen or add to its argument. But a company is a living essay. It evolves with time, updated with new facts while proving its thesis. If the thesis changes, the company needs to change.

opsZero has a thesis. Each part has a precise definition, with anything unneeded is being removed.

What went well the last week?

  1. Deprecated Postswarm, Gitlead as they are not something I care about pursuing.
  2. Deprecated Notion and moving everything into Github.
  3. Setup a single Jupyter notebook to run every aspect of opsZero, making it easier to accomplish tasks.

What needs improvement?

  1. Remove the rest of Notion.
  2. Start modularizing the Flywheel into Python. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels