Retrospective / Feb 9, 2021: The Single Doc

Posted 4 months ago Posted 4 months ago
The heart of any company needs to be routine and straightforward, a model that can scale. I've built various tools, including the opsZero Platform and YieldPayroll, and use tools like Close, GitHub, and Airtable. However, each of these is a layer abstracting complexity. There needs to be a single place to run the factory.

A single document! In Bezonomics, the author talks about the 6-page narrative that Amazon uses. The narrative is updated as the product developed, ensuring the result is the wanted outcome. I want to do the same for opsZero. The single doc tracks three things:

  • The Flywheel
  • The 7 Powers
  • The Value Stream
The flywheel defines the loop and the metrics attached to them. The 7 Powers looks to see if we are increasing our market power based on our activities. The Value Stream is how we deliver our value.

So the flywheel and seven powers are in effect calculations and goals to aim. The value stream is marketing, sales, value creation, value delivery, and finance tasks, the set of manual tasks moving things forward. As we progress in our flywheel, more and more of these tasks will be automated and abstracted.

The doc's goal is to act as the single source of truth in how all aspects of the business behave, attempting to do the tasks faster and faster. It provides the blueprint for how it all works together while also working as the single place to get the work accomplished.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels