Retrospective / Feb 1, 2021: The 7 Powers

Posted 5 months ago Posted 5 months ago

Ah, Feb. Where does the time go? Jan has been an overwhelming month with lots of problematic and inspiring things happening in the world. Capitol riots, GME, etc. Last week was suboptimal in terms of progress as I was consistently distracted. However, I have consolidated so many things there is nothing but forward momentum and optimizing for the 7 Powers.

The consolidation of everything under opsZero was a move that needed to happen ages ago as it simplifies and amplifies. There is a goal as opposed to trashing around in a mosh pit. One of the difficulties of not having a partner: it is hard to figure out what not to do! 

As opsZero consolidated, this retrospective will cover changes from the point of view of the 7 Powers. The Value Stream of opsZero currently looks like this:

opsZero Value Stream

It looks complicated, but each part is hyperspecific. Each piece is delegated to third parties to avoid writing a lot of code that doesn't need writing. Close, Pandadoc, Harvest, Slack, Notion, Github, Airtable, Upwork are third-party tools and services I use. The custom code I write builds off these tools and makes them more efficient for our goal. Lastly, finance is four pieces: bank, index funds, brokerage, and crypto. Again, this simplicity puts more wood behind a single arrow.

Scale Economics

opsZero's mission is to Democratize the Cloud. opsZero will achieve scale economics by providing a single place to find Cloud expertise for any industry.

Platform (www): Create a trustworthy directory where people can find expertise for different Cloud needs, including Cloud, Blockchain, AI, Serverless, etc. Also go horizontal in terms of expertise by implementing Cloud expertise for Sales, etc.
Gitlead: Use Gitlead to find engineers and teams that can sell on the Platform.

Network Effect

By providing a single place to find Cloud expertise, network effect is created. A single place for customers to find Cloud work, and a single place to sell Cloud services for freelancers.

Platform (Launch): Help freelancers onboard onto the Platform and provide an easy way to sell services.
MakeProspect: Quickly find companies who need Cloud help and do outreach.
Close: The Close CRM needs to be organized and simplified for outreach. Follow-up needs to happen promptly, and we need to systematically close deals.
Pandadoc: We need a document per service. A client proposal for different services, a freelancer proposal, a client contract, a freelancer contract. We should focus on making these attractive and continuously updated with changes.

Counter Positioning

Our counter positioning is in contrast to Upwork and Gumroad. Our focus is entirely on Cloud expertise. By focusing on this niche, we will create a blue ocean as we expand the Cloud services market while not directly competing with Upwork or Gumroad. 

opsZero (www): Focus entirely on being an Upwork + Gumroad for Cloud work. Nothing else. Our focus is connecting Customers who need Cloud expertise with those who can sell that Cloud expertise.

Switching Cost

Currently, opsZero doesn't have great power in switching costs. Our customers can turn to others quickly. However, as opsZero adds more freelancers, that risk will reduce.
Close: Maximize our relationships with our customers and freelancers by being high-touch.
Notion: Reduce the cost of delivery with templates and teach others how to do the same.
YieldPayroll: Make it easy for freelancers to get paid so they choose to use opsZero for providing their services.


Our branding is getting better but still not great. Having everything on one domain should expand our brand presence. The goal is to associate opsZero with Cloud expertise.

opsZero (www): Develop blogs and other content on the site to increase SEO.
Postswarm: Quickly promote content created on various forums, ads, etc. 

Cornered Resource

opsZero's cornered resource needs to be Cloud expertise. All exceptional Cloud engineers need to be on the Platform.

Gitlead: Maximize our ability to reach out to potential freelancers and see if they want to sell on our Platform.
MakeProspect: Maximize our ability to reach potential customers by selling Cloud expertise.


opsZero has a stable process for improvement. However, the more we simplify, the better our ability to scale. The Value Stream is the process. Each part needs to be durable and reliable.

Platform (Stories/Impediments/Routines): Every part of the value stream needs KPIs to make effective decisions and resolve impediments.

Our weekly focus will be improving a single power a week. I do think my update last week of setting up the routine for my day is useful, and I will continue to attempt to get better and better at that.

Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels