Retrospective / Jan 26, 2021

Posted 5 months ago Posted 5 months ago
This last week I have migrated opsZero to be simple. We are transforming to narrow down even further into an Upwork for DevOps. The final transformation of the company, hopefully. The objective is clear.

I have worked on routines every day, but I need to change some behaviors. This week's goal is to get a solid 4 hours of work accomplished a day while reaching ten companies a day.

I will attempt this:
  1. 8am-12 pm. DevOps and Investing
  2. 2:30pm-5pm. Sales
By focusing on client tasks as the first thing, I can improve reliability. I can also look at investing while taking breaks as it doesn't require my full attention. Second, by focusing on sales at a designated time, I can grow the business. The KPIs for each is simple as the improvement of one leads to the growth of the other.

Photo by Harry Cooke from Pexels