Retrospective / Jan 18, 2021

Posted 3 months ago Posted 3 months ago
opsZero is becoming a microservices, productized services, and microSaaS marketplace. Most companies don't want to run a ton of microservices. They want to get the job they are doing and build off existing services as much as possible—the API economy at work. 

However, many of the services launched may be highly specific, providing value to a particular group. For example, YieldPayroll is a product made specifically for users of Harvest Time Tracker. These hyperspecific products will likely only accelerate as companies try to do more with their products. We need to accelerate the adoption and creation of these microservices.

This last week to make building microservices easier, I moved everything under, a single place to find all the things I've built. I started promoting some of the things I've made. The routines are defined. Lastly, the opsZero Platform, for the most part, is feature complete.

Untitled-2020-12-24-1540-69.png 26.2 KB

The goal for this next week is sales. The only way to ensure growth is to bring in revenue, which will be the primary focus. To do this, I am building a tool on top of MakeProspect + Close CRM to do outreach via code. Jupyter Notebooks are excellent!

Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 10.47.51 AM.png 64.3 KB

At this point, there is nothing new to build. It is time to sell and continuously update to increase the quality of the app.