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Every year I pull my hair because I realize I’m diffusing my energy among too many things. There is a common thread in that all of the ideas are code. But then I try to build separate domains, etc., which causes pain.

opsZero Launchpad has allowed me to launch stuff quickly, but I’m diffusing my energy in promoting things by having them on different sites. After all, I am just one guy. Having multiple domains and trying to promote each uses a lot of energy and time.

Upwork and Fiverr do well because they provide a single place to buy and sell services, GitHub provides a place to find code, and opsZero offers a place to buy and sell microservices. Everything will now live on, and the focus is driving up the SEO of this one domain.

The simplicity will focus and accelerate marketing. There will only be one metric to track for marketing how well the domain is doing. As I get older time is becoming essential. I have to ship! However, to ship, I need to focus and stop spending time on things I have no use.

Photo by Nav Photography from Pexels