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The go-to-market strategy focuses 100% on selling opsZero. The primary mechanism for doing so is through inside sales. As opsZero grows and we talk to other companies, we will pitch MakeProspect, crowd.sh, and YieldPayroll. Lastly, Primordial will be the R&D portion of opsZero focused on trading bots, investing, and other misc activities.

The content on opsZero will be on Kubernetes, Serverless, and Business. MakeProspect, crowd.sh, and YieldPayroll will cover running a gig economy business and going into our setup. By publishing in public, we will be creating a public record of our infrastructure, which others can reuse. That is it. Not complicated. All roads lead to opsZero. Each tool helps deliver opsZero's value faster.

Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels