Retrospective / Jan 11, 2021

Posted 4 months ago Posted 4 months ago

I will perform a public retrospective weekly. The problem with building a business by yourself is that you get into a cycle where your brain no longer thinks and regurgitates thoughts. These thoughts aren't critical thinking, but the shortcuts the brain thinks are useful. By writing publically and thinking about the problems critically, there is more value in deep diving and explaining what you are doing. Each week will be a specific milestone that I intend to update.

This last week the goal was to have every opsZero project be sellable. Though I got sick, I finished! opsZero, Primordial, YieldPayroll, MakeProspect, are all available for sale. Some of them don't have much, but the goal was to create milestones. Further, each of the projects of opsZero relates in the following way. Each piece fuels the other.

The opsZero companies and their mission.

The OKR objective for this quarter is simplicity, speed, and quality. Having everything sellable and starting to promote it makes it easier to start focusing on this goal. I have already discovered some ways to simplify as I had an order I was fulfilling for it.

This week will set up the routines and commence content promotion. Routines are a way to ensure that tasks are done and, as a secondary, to ensure those tasks create value. By writing down and creating a procedure for every job that I do, I will have a foundation. For each foundation's piece, I will attempt to remove impediments that prevent me from delivering the value better. Second, by starting to promote the things I've built, I can improve SEO and hopefully gain new customers if the content is valuable.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels