The opsZero Value Stream

Posted 4 months ago Posted 4 months ago
I’ve been ill for the last few days and away from the computer. Fortunately, it has given my brain time to wander and figure out where I am going. What does it all mean? What am I building? Where am I going? How does it relate? I figured it out!

My mission is to accelerate the API and AI-gig economy.

The opsZero Value Stream

The end goal is nothing more than what has been happening in big silos like the stock market, big tech, etc. I want to democratize that and allow anyone to participate. I want anyone to become an Amazon, Koch Industries, Tiny Capital, etc.

To accomplish the mission requires a combination of machine+human intelligence applied to different problems. We won’t get anywhere by just focusing on machines, nor just humans. Both must be part of the equation to solve the most challenging problems facing the world.

The products and services I have built thus far are in support of that. And once I figured out the Value Stream of where each fits, it makes sense. Each service has been launched thanks to Launchpad. Each is a web equivalent of a Unix tool. The goal is to feed one service into the other, continually optimizing the stream.

The primary goal and what will be the condition of success condition is if I can run these without any full-time employees. The goal is to maximize freelancers and keep each tool we launch hyper-specific enough to accomplish this. All the products are built. It is now time to optimize.

Photo by Killian Eon from Pexels