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Think about a vending machine that creates a request for a person to refill it when it is running low on supplies. Or consider a vending machine can call an API that can automatically negotiate the best price for the supplies among multiple vendors and have it create an order and then inform the human to come to refill it once the order arrives. The latter is the world I want to see, where the interchange between human and machine blurs and we create a completely new economy: The Fourth Industrial Revolution!

My ultimate goal with opsZero is to push us faster towards this Fourth Industrial Revolution. To do this opsZero will be a vertically integrated platform that provides services for Kubernetes and Serverless while at the same time building a Platform that helps entrepreneurs launch Machine to Machine and Machine to Human businesses. The benefit of focusing on these three things is that it is where the world is moving.

The global economy is reconfiguring from a primarily full-time worker based to a Gig and API-based economy especially as people work from home and use the Cloud for more and more tasks. There are two benefits to gigification. The first is that businesses can do more with fewer workers. The second is that companies can be started quickly by using this relatively cheap Cloud infrastructure.

The second major movement that technology is going through is the migration to microservices. The benefit of migrating to microservices is that a microservice itself can also be a company. A microservice provides a service after al albeit a very specific one, we will see more and more of these API first companies out in the world. We started seeing them recently with Stripe and Twilio, but these are just the surface and they will expand.

This leads to what are we trying to capture in terms of market share. As stated before our goal is to completely focus on Kubernetes and Serverless as the primary technologies that we think are the future and really expand our ability to deliver these services quickly and efficiently. Kubernetes and Serverless are the two pillars we see computation and businesses moving to and it is what we will be completely focused on which is how to deploy Code as fast as possible and launch new APIs. 

Business needs to be simple to scale and we think the following three things are the most important things we can provide:
  • Migrate customers to Kubernetes quickly
  • Build new Serverless code using crowdsourcing quickly
  • Build a Platform to launch and sell API-first businesses quickly
Our platform will focus on these types of businesses:
  • Development Agencies
  • API
  • Content
  • Data
  • Directory
  • SaaS
Whereas platforms like Webflow, WordPress, Squarespace, etc. are primarily focusing on the human to human businesses we are not going after that market. The consumer of our services are not the people requesting the services, the consumer of our services is the software that people use. For the Fourth Industrial Revolution to be successful software needs to talk to each other in a smarter way than it currently is. In that regard, our Platform is made for machines to use as much as humans.