Defining a Brand versus a Business

I’ve been confusing brands versus businesses for a long time now. So it is time to make the distinction. A brand is what appears to the customer. It is a front for how the customer interacts and thinks of a task they need done to be performed. However, the team and the functioning of the business including technology doesn’t have to change per say between different brands. Budweiser and Bud-Light are different brands but they have the same underlying business. The brands are just targeting different customers.

In a similar vein Surya Properties is selling real estate but it is just a brand for opsZero since how the customer is interacting with Surya Properties will be different from someone interacting with Parking. We aren’t creating a whole new team for it, it is just a front for how people interact with the business. A customer buying real estate isn’t interested in domain names. However, in a business those functions be done by the same person.

So I think the number of businesses I am building are going down but the number of brands will be growing if there is a need to create a separate customer.

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