Iteration P6.2022

I’ve been irregular with the iteration notes I have worked on, and I apologize for that. Iteration P5.2022 was a bit informal as I traveled for the entire period. However, we’ve made some significant progress. The primary is the following:

  • System6. The last iteration has resulted in the design of a brand new code infrastructure powered by Django. This infrastructure allows us to create new companies quickly and launch them with minimal effort.
  • Company Structure. We have the different companies and initial brands that we will be pursuing. The eventual goal is to create a new company per iteration.

Goals for this Iteration:

  1. Complete the transition of resources into System6. Currently, all our resources are spread across databases and places. We need to merge them into a single location so they can be used easily across Verticals and Brands.
  2. Move to hyper-focused vertical market products and services for all Brands. We are currently not pursuing a vertical market strategy making each brand all over the place. This needs to change.

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