Iteration P4.2022

I’ve been doing six week iterations as it is a long enough timeframe to make meaningful big changes. My time is split into a four week focused work period and a two week relax period. What is interesting about this iteration is by week four I will be traveling to Europe so I will be a nomad.

The primary focus for this iteration is hiring people and delegating tasks. As I will be traveling all of June and July I don’t want to be beholden to a computer the entire time. So I am at a critical juncture where to get to the projects that I have in mind it no longer makes sense for me to do them myself.

I am working on a gig-workforce engine and I want to test its capabilities by delegating large projects. I work as an integrator getting the work integrated and implemented. Rough parts of the workflow should be smoothed out so that on a daily basis it is a matter of going down a checklist and secondarily hiring should not be such a massive burden.

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