Transitioning to editor

As an entrepreneur I’ve had to play all hats: investor, entrepreneur, manager, individual contributor. Each is a different skill and hat. But at this point in my life it is getting harder and harder to be good at everything. Also, priorities change where I want to focus on things I enjoy and delegate things I don’t.

I am learning to give up the individual contributor role. Coding for the most part has become a chore for me. While I have been loving spending time thinking of the overall architectural problems the work of coding itself has been less interesting. This is not to say I don’t enjoy coding, but it is time to delegate the actual coding to others.

However, in a matter of self-sabotage I made it hard for myself to delegate. Work can be made easy to delegate if you setup clear processes that don’t change on the whim. People expect a clear repeatable process so they can get used to a cadence. However many products you have, the process should be linear to the people performing the work. If there are multiple choose your own adventures then work never gets accomplished because no one has agreed on the floor plan.

So the nature of my work has changed from writing to editing. I have started setting up documented and repeatable processes for the entire company. I have removed things that are complex for the customer and myself. I have setup a clear linear process for delegating work to a gig-workforce.

In terms of being an editor I suppose my role has become the following:

  • Figure out end outcomes for products and build processes to get there.
  • Build scaffolding and tooling to get new ideas off the ground quickly.
  • Hire people fast and onboard them fast.

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