Gig-Workforce 0.1

One of the problems that I’ve been trying to deal with is that 1. I have a lot of customers 2. I have a lot of ideas that I can’t get to because of 1. I finally developed a system to address 2 while benefiting 1.

I’ve been pulling my teeth on this problem. My personal projects are lagging because I don’t have time to do them. I’ve gotten enough customers such that spending time on an unproven project would be foolish. One of my goals is trying to figure out how to get work done quickly and make my own projects completed without much effort.

I’ve built a gig engine. This first version is pretty dumb… I can use Upwork, I can assign workers to open source tasks within opsZero. I can assign them work, have them do it, and check their output.

I can currently:

  • Manually add hours of the Upworker’s task into Harvest which is what I use to track time and invoice clients.
  • Get open source tasks completed across a wide spectrum.

I can’t:

  • Send client tasks as I don’t have a syncing method for tasks.

To improve:

  • Need a better training and onboarding for workers. Currently, the biggest problem I have is the quality of onboarding. While the operators have a base level of quality the first project is all over the fucking place. This is the primary thing to change as not having operators optimal is a waste of time and money.

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