Separate or Combined

I am nearing the completion of the organization of my tasks, notes, and essays. I have collected a lot of them over the years spread over Evernote, OneNote, DayOne, Notion and the Notes app. Instead of declaring bankruptcy, I have moved them from system to system carrying them across new tools. So my notes have been spread far and wide. However, everything has moved to the appropriate software tool, each handling its own purpose. A lot of the notes have finally been organized into the buckets on this site.

This site now contains the Why, How, and What of what I am trying to achieve. However, the problem arises of if I should make myself the center of things or if the company should be separate from myself. What I am trying to build is a reflection of myself, my goals and my interests. If I were to sell the company I’d likely continue doing what I’m doing so I don’t know if have this site be a part of OpsZero makes sense.

So this site will become more and more a playbook. It is a reflection of myself, and while it may provide certain generalities, it will be focused on what I want to achieve and will be more first person in nature. The end goal then is to create a standard operating procedures for all parts of my life.

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